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 There are a lot of students has chosen for graduation study that marketing and data science. A popular factor of a hot seller and service is investigated by itself and it's analyzed.

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 For example when reading an electronic handbill of a web, do you know that a part where you have the interest is different in men and women?  This point was made clear using tracking technique of eyes at our laboratory. This has the a lot of effect to the electronic handbill of future's web, but it can be said the big discovery to which a design guideline of web screen design is changed more than that.

  eye_tracker eye_tracking

  Various models exist actually about this AI. This AI is shared with mechanical learning (Expert System) and CI (Computational Intelligence). The former returns answer as which the condition was set beforehand to various input. The latter predicts an output value to an input value using Neural Network. The one which increased the intermediate layer here is called Deep learning.

 AI(artificial intelligence) finds that we didn't notice by human so far by utilizing this. That sees data useful for management and makes pick without spending enormous time and effort. And such time when a proprietor puts a new management strategy in based on that is going to be achieved.
 Enterprises should utilize AI and Robot done based on IT management strategically at present. They faced with the big business chance to change management body matter now. But this, "the Engineer who understands Management", this problem that it can't be settled.



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