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 Much of the global enterprise which has achieved rapid growth worldwide in recent years, Google and Amazon,Apple,Microsoft, optimistic, Yahoo! is mentioned. The management for which every enterprise used IT strategically is being performed.

 The study which applies artificial intelligence and a genetic algorithm to various management issues is being performed at our laboratory. It's various management practice in the production management, the quality control and the enterprise to want to pay attention in particular. Declining birthrate aged society can be supported now with IT and IoT by automating these management practice by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and also automating a manufacturing premise by an industrial robot and automatic control.
 For example, the following image shows the simulation when dealing with the optimal placement problem for an automated robotics warehouse. You can use data science and AI to find the optimal placement based on the big data of the large stock in the past.


 I'm working on the most suitable allocation problem of physical distribution center and a poisonous snake by a genetic algorithm (GA) in the field of the logistics and the supply chain management (SCM). The next figure is the example which solved a optimum arrangement problem of distribution centre in an actual area in GA. The left side is in the state grouped together at random first. That, ton x Kiro(baggage amount x distances) in each business office and physical distribution center repeats alternation of generations in GA, and searches the combination which becomes smallest. And the optimum arrangement result obtained finally starts to be a right figure.


  initialPositions.jpg finalPositions.jpg




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