Toyotani Laboratory
  Science and technology calculation and the research of interaction of fluid and structure was my academic dissertations. It worked for about ten years in the private company that developed the system, and a lot such as marketing, business, and lecturers afterwards were experienced by the thing that the start-up of an educational business is especially left.
 The experience of the start-up of a new business though it is a researcher is made the best use of, and the research that makes the best use of the numerical simulation for Enterprise Management is done, and it will contribute to the society in the future.

Major graduation research themes
・ Digital marketing analysis for Hit factor
・ AI drug navigation app for foreigners
・ Gender tracking and Web page design
・ Point-of-view survey of people who are prone to car sickness
・ Company evaluation by AI
・ Optimization of robot AGV logistics system with AI
・ IoT innovation in healthcare
・ Management and technical issues, etc.