Marketing & Data Science
 There are a lot of students has chosen for graduation study that marketing and data science. A popular factor of a hot seller and service is investigated by itself and it's analyzed.
digital marketing
 The following example is a marketing analysis example when an event is held in collaboration with a region. Information was distributed using the homepage HP and Twitter, and access analysis was conducted on both sides to investigate the marketing effect. The upper part is the transition of the number of accesses on Twitter, and the lower part is the transition of the number of accesses on the HP side. Since the account of the store was tagged and distributed on Twitter at the end of July, the click transition destination is each store, and the number of accesses to Twitter is increasing, but the number of accesses to the HP is not increasing. things are shown.
ramen digital twitter marketing
ramen digital HP marketing
 For example when reading an electronic handbill of a web, do you know that a part where you have the interest is different in men and women?  This point was made clear using tracking technique of eyes at our laboratory. This has the a lot of effect to the electronic handbill of future's web, but it can be said the big discovery to which a design guideline of web screen design is changed more than that.
  The following photos are examples of package design evaluation in product development. The longer the viewpoint stays, the more shades of red and white circles are displayed. Companies need to think about what kind of photos are good and what kind of catchphrases are good, as it is important how to appeal the product attractively. However, if it cannot be evaluated, it cannot be improved. So consumers can evaluate where they are looking, which tagline and which photo they are interested in. In this way, it is possible to evaluate what kind of catch phrase is good, and whether the layout and the size of the photo are appropriate, based on the numerical data obtained by actual measurement.
 Other popular themes for graduation research include corporate value evaluation and management analysis. There are several evaluation methods. We can quantitatively evaluate the value of a company numerically. The following is an example of a corporate evaluation of the food service industry in the Corona Whirlpool. The corporate value was calculated by taking as examples for major fast foods, restaurants, and Japanese style pubs. As a result, Company A, in particular, is actively utilizing take-out and food delivery to increase sales. Company F's main business format is to provide alcoholic beverages, so sales are falling and corporate value is also declining.
  AI(artificial intelligence) finds that we didn't notice by human so far by utilizing this. That sees data useful for management and makes pick without spending enormous time and effort. And such time when a proprietor puts a new management strategy in based on that is going to be achieved.
  Enterprises should utilize AI and Robot done based on IT management strategically at present. They faced with the big business chance to change management body matter now. But this, "the Engineer who understands Management", this problem that it can't be settled.
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